About Me

I wear a lot of hats in life both personally and professionally. Personally, I wear the hat of daughter, wife, and mama.  I am very thankful to have grown up an only daughter (and only child for that matter) who had parents that instilled from day one the importance of family and experiencing life.  I may not have had the grandiose experiences that media attempts to say every child must have (never been to Disney and I’m perfectly okay), but I had more small adventures than some people will have in a lifetime.  As an adult, I’m blessed to say that I’m the wife of my best friend, Mr. Kisby. Together, we’ve explored the world (three countries and counting) and had countless adventures! We love to take roadtrips, and we love to enjoy activities at home like movie nights and playing board games.  Because of Mr. Kisby I’ve gotten to experience the greatest hat I’ve ever worn! I’m very thankful that at 36 I became mama to LilKsby. That boy has taught me to see the world in a whole different light than I ever knew possible! He’s the greatest little guy, and I want the greatest things on the planet for him!

Professionally, I wear the hat of Work from Home Mom. I am currently doing homeschool preschool with LilKsby and working as a Professional Image Consultant with a direct sales company and tutoring. In 2022, I “retired” from my public schools teaching career. After high school, I spent ten years in college trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. This led to three degrees in two different areas, and sometimes I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up! The figuring it out is how The Great Kaysby was originally born. The Great Kaysby began as a blog in 2018 because I’ve always wanted to write on a level higher than just for fun.  Currently, my goal is to see where The Great Kaysby can take me!