Niagara Falls Part 2!

And so the Niagara Falls journey continues…

If being near the water isn’t your thing, then maybe Skylon Tower would be more your speed.  This tower goes way high up in the air and allows visitors to have a birds-eye view of everything in Niagara Falls.  For me it was terrifying; however, if you are a fan of heights then you will probably love the views!


While heights are too dangerous for my blood, the danger of white water rapids thrills me!  Thus, the White Water Walk was a fun attraction to me! This walk entails going down to a wooden walkway and walking along some of the most treacherous Class Six white water rapids in the world.  Everyone who has tried to physically enter them has died, but the rapids are thrilling to look at.  The color of the water is incredible!

If indescribably beautiful colors of nature are your favorite, then the Butterfly Conservatory is a must see!  It is home to over 2,000 butterflies and astounding greenery!  They say that if one of the butterflies lands on you, then you are a lucky person.  One landed on my husband in a very personal way…


Outside the conservatory was a fascinating floral clock.  It was gorgeous! The tour guide told us it was a one of a kind clock.  I burst his bubble by telling him the Kentucky State Capital Building has one too.  Ooops!


The last two Niagara Falls stops were smaller.  One was at Souvenir City where we could shop and eat lunch.  The other was a 4D movie viewing of Niagara’s Fury about the creation of Niagara Falls.  I would definitely recommend the 4D movie if you enjoy multi-sensory experiences!

As if all of this in the two blog posts wasn’t enough to checkout, here are a few other things I recommend:

  • Niagara Falls IMAX – The dare devil (not be confused with that hottie Daredevil on Netflix) exhibit is cool!
  • Hard Rock Cafe – Have a hurricane and get a souvenir glass!
  • Marineland – Checkout the Dragon Mountain roller coaster!  Hands down one of the best roller coasters I’ve ever ridden!
  • Niagara Scow – See it before it disappears! Seriously, scientists have predicted it will be gone by 2030!
  • Falls At Night – Pretty colors light up the falls!
  • The Hershey Store – Just because it is Hershey and Reese’s candy!  Do you need another reason to go there?  I think not!


Whew! That is a lot of info about Niagara Falls!  But can you tell how much I love it there? The good news is that it is only a 10 hour drive if you never stop (so plan for 12).  If you’ve got a passport, then get in the car and go next time you have a long weekend!

Until next time!


The Great Kaysby

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