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Happy 2022! This morning I began my year by attending a Sankalpa session at my favorite yoga studio with one of the kindest, most caring instructors on the planet. The session involved yoga, guided meditations, intention setting, and snacks. One of my favorite parts of the morning involved the seven chakra zones and thinking of images you associate with those chakra colors. I’m a complete novice when it comes to the concept of chakras, but my reflection this morning was very powerful! So, I thought I would share my experience so that others may feel empowered!

1. Red (Root) = comfort and safety. For this chakra I imagined red hair. In my life my hair, which is red although some bottle assistance is required these days, has always been a security blanket. I’ve always found comfort in twirling or running my fingers through my hair. I’ve also always found safety in being able to hide behind my hair.

2. Orange (Sacral) = Pleasure. I immediately thought of sunrise and sunset! For me the image of the rising or setting sun melting into the horizon is pure joy and calm. During these moments I feel so blessed by everything given to us in this life. It’s the best time to see miracles!

3. Yellow (Solar Plexus) equals strength. This time I thought of sunflowers. Sunflowers always remind me of one of my grandmothers. She lived in Kansas, and she was very much like a sunflower. She was strong and beautiful, and an inspiration of what a loving wife, mother, and grandmother should be.

4. Green (Heart) = acceptance and compassion. I immediately thought of nature specifically grass and trees. There is something about nature that makes me feel like everything is or is going to be okay depending on the situation. There’s also something about being in nature that just fills me up with compassion too. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but it’s there.

5. Turquoise (throat) = communication. I immediately thought of the turquoise waters of Half Moon Cay. In these waters you can see the sand below clearly! I pray that I am able to communicate like those turquoise waters. I pray that my communication in the new year is clear, calm, and filled with the same pure spirit as those waters.

6. Indigo (Third Eye) equals intuition and trust. I didn’t actually come up with an image for this one. When I think of indigo, I lean more heavily to the blue part. Blue – my favorite color – just makes me happy. My thought with this chakra is that I hope I do a better job this year of following my gut instead of over analyzing everything!

7. Purple (Crown) equals knowledge and fulfillment. This one made me think of the Princess Diana Beanie Baby. For one, I thought of it because Princess Diana was a great role model. She admitted her flaws (such as her marital issues), but she still found ways to serve the people through humanitarian efforts and leave the world better than she found it. Serving others is very fulfilling for me! Secondly, my second grandma’s favorite color was purple. That’s why as a gift I gave her this particular Beanie Baby. Thinking of her reminds me of all the real life knowledge she had (her highest education was eighth grade) that has helped me in my own life. She’s been gone 11 years this month, but she is still teaching me lessons!

For my readers, I hope this blog post gets you thinking about the chakra colors and what they can mean for you. For me, I hope this post helps me to stay grounded in my values in 2022. Happy New Year everyone!


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