Fair Food Fun!

I’m back!

After a summer hiatus, The Great Kaysby has returned.

When last we met, I discussed some great stay-cation ideas for the state of Kentucky.  Today, I thought I’d tackle another great Kentucky tradition: The State Fair.  The are a variety of reasons to go to the State Fair.  Some folks go for the animal exhibitions and the horse show.  Others go to see the concerts (a lot of which are free by the way) while some go to ride the rides and play games on the midway.  There’s also some people who go to see the arts and crafts, then browse the shops.  Frankly, I go with the hope of winning the appliance of the day from GE.  Still waiting to win that dishwasher…

Oh, and of course I go for the food!

There is something about the State Fair that makes the most conscientious eater think, “Man, I need a funnel cake” or “Dang…I might not survive without that deep fried Oreo.”  So just in case you don’t know what you want to eat at the State Fair, here are my Top Three foods that you should try!


#1 – Pork Burger – Kentucky Pork Producers

Image result for kentucky pork producers

See that logo?  Look for it at the fair!  Scratch that!  Search for it, hunt it down, and find it at the fair!  Why?  Because the pork burgers are amazing!  They are tender, juicy, melt in your mouth delicious, and good to the last bite!  I like to drizzle just a little bit of mayo on mine for that extra bit of tastiness!  Another reason to try the pork burger?  They are always very reasonably priced; they are a way to support local pork producers!  Seriously…get the pork burger.  Get two…bring one of them to me in a to go box.


#2 – Fried Rice

Now I know what you’re thinking.  Fried rice at the State Fair?  YES!  In my defense, I love fried rice almost anywhere and have yet to find fried rice that made me wrinkle my nose in disgust.  However, this fried rice – from one of the food vendors in the South Wing food court – is a great deal!  For $3 you get a boat (one of those french fry or nacho boats, not a fishing boat) full of fried rice.  Best part?  It isn’t overly salty like some fried rice can be.  Plus, it is a filling snack.  If you’re worried about the carbs just remember that you’re going to walk a ton of steps just to get to the food court in the South Wing.


#3 Kizito Cookies

Image result for kizito cookies

If you haven’t heard of Kizito cookies, then I’m afraid that either (a) you don’t live in the Louisville Metro Area or (b) you might live under a rock.  If it is the second, then come on out from under the rock!  Kizito cookies are made locally at Kizito bakery which is owned and operated by Elizabeth Kizito.  The cookies – and now many other baked goods – are the product of Elizabeth’s hard work and imagination.  Have you ever been at an event in Louisville and seen the lady selling cookies out of a basket on her head?  That is Elizabeth!  The cookies are AMAZING, and she is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met!  In fact, I’m about to eat a Chocolate Chip Kizito cookie when I finish this blog.  Check out her website here: https://kizito.com/.

Honorable Mentions

These things aren’t in my Top Three, but they are definitely worth a try!

  • Funnel Cake – plain old, powder sugar covered
  • Tater Twists – plain, maybe with ketchup
  • Pickle Samples from the pickle vendor in the South Wing (buy some too!)
  • Dip Samples from the vendors in the South Wing (buy some too!)
  • Flavored Coffee Samples from the vendors in the South Wing (buy some too!)
  • Anything from the Kentucky Cattleman’s Association
  • Fresh, squeezed lemonade!


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The Great Kaysby

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