Restaurant + Love = Egg Roll House

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting The Great Kaysby in person, then I have no doubt that you have heard me talk about Egg Roll House.  For those who’ve never heard of it, Egg Roll House is a family owned Chinese restaurant nestled in what used to be the heart of Radcliff when Fort Knox was still booming and Winn Dixie and K-Mart off of Knox Boulevard were the premiere business areas.  Now Winn Dixie and K-Mart are long gone, but Egg Roll House has remained.  It has seen a ton of other businesses come and go, but there it sits diagonally across the street from the Gold Vault Inn.  You might be thinking, what makes Egg Roll House so good?  It’s simple.  When you’re at Egg Roll House, you feel loved like you’re at home.

One of the many reasons Egg Roll House feels like home to me is because my family has literally been eating there for 25 years (possibly more).  Before Egg Roll House, there was another Chinese place we ate at, but I was so young that prior to eating at Egg Roll House I thought Chinese food was fried shrimp and fries.  Thus Egg Roll House was the first place that I really tried and fell in love with Chinese food!  The earliest things I remember eating there besides delicious chicken wings were the Triple Delight (chicken, shrimp, and beef that I wouldn’t eat because I’m not big on beef), fried rice, and egg drop soup.  I would also eat Sweet and Sour Chicken without the sauce.  This would lead to a lot of laughs when I was in high school because for years my best friend also ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken without the sauce because I had said I didn’t like it, and then she tried it from the buffet and was like “You liar, this is good!”  In my defense, I never said it wasn’t good, I said I didn’t like it.  LOL


Over the years there have been a lot of laughs like the Sweet and Sour Chicken incident at Egg Roll House. We’ve had many weekly family meals there, and more summer break lunches than I can count.  We’ve shared the Egg Roll House with others too.  For example, when Mr. Kisby and I got married, we took our out of town family who came in for the wedding there to eat.  We’ve also taken friends there on countless occasions over the years. One of my favorite more recent memories of a friends trip there was when we met another couple and their son there after church one Saturday evening.  All of the adults ordered various Chinese dishes, and the son ordered chicken nuggets and fries.  When our food came out, he wanted ours because it looked so good.  I’m so glad that Egg Roll House could be a part of introducing a new generation to the deliciousness of Chinese food like it did me so many years ago!


As you can see for us, going to Egg Roll House isn’t just about food.  It’s about going to a restaurant where you feel loved just like you were eating in your own home. There is something nice about going into a restaurant and them knowing what you are going to order to drink when you walk in the door (sweet tea for Mr. Kisby and unsweet for me).  Just as nice is the owner coming out and talk to you when you come for dinner.  I find it to be extraordinarily nice when they’ll ask things like “Where are your parents?” when me and Mr. Kisby dine alone or “Just two?” when me and Dad eat there and Mr. Kisby and Mom have to work. Making us feel even more loved? When we mourned the loss of my grandmother and uncle (who were also frequent customers), they mourned right a long with us.  Can you imagine feeling more at home without being at home?  I can’t!

For more info check out:  I highly recommend anything mentioned previously or the Egg Drop Soup with an order of Spicy Wontons and Lucky Family or Gai Sue Chicken for the entree.  I hope we see you there!


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