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We’ve all seen the memes about how all Hallmark Christmas movies have the same basic plot and all end the same way with a kiss. Whether it’s a big city girl who has to choose a “dream job” over love or a sweet yet sassy small town gal who doesn’t even know she’s looking for love, you know there is going to be a happy ending where everything magically works out phenomenally. These movies are highly unrealistic, but they have a way of making you feel good. Seriously, my heart melts so much while watching Hallmark movies! I really hadn’t watched any until last year, and now I’ve watched/listened to 52 of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas movies (typically I do other things while they are playing, but I’m always able to get this gist). That said, if you want to dip your toes in the Hallmark Christmas Countdown pond in 2022, these are the ten I recommend (keep in mind there will probably be like 25 more new ones in 2022) for some Hallmark Happiness:

10. The Santa Stakeout (2021) – First things first, Tamera Mowry-Housley has been a favorite actress of mine since her Sister, Sister days! She does an amazing job of bringing to life characters who have a serious side and a comedic side. This movie capitalized on that with some LOL comedy while throwing in a good old art heist plot!

9. A Shoe Addict’s Christmas (2018) – Candace Cameron Bure (yet another longtime favorite of mine because I’m a 90s kid) stars in this rom com featuring a lot of designer shoes that I’ll never be able to afford. The storyline is fun if you’re into the guardian angel helps a lost soul find their way plot. What puts this movie in the top ten is who plays the guardian angel: Jean Smart. Her comedic timing is genius! Don’t believe me? Watch any of her comedies!

8. Let It Snow (2013) – One of Candace’s most underrated Christmas movies is one of the best. The setting for this movie – a family owned resort – is absolutely breathtaking! I love all the traditional activities for Christmas that happen at the resort, and this movie makes outdoor snow activities look super fun! I can’t put my finger on it fully, but there was something delightfully heartwarming about this movie!

7. Merry and Bright (2019) – yet another 90s child star is the main actress in this film: Jodie Sweetin! I feel like a lot of people don’t give Jodie the credit she deserves because they get caught up on how she had substance abuse problems in the past. To those people, I must say that you need to make like Frozen and let it go. She’s got great comedic acting skills, and she’s got a beautiful smile that radiates joy! Plus you cannot judge someone’s present life by their past (also a common Hallmark movie moral). Bonus, this movie revolves around a candy factory. Who doesn’t get excited about food at Christmas?

6. Finding Santa (2017) – Another Jodie film! This one is super cute as she goes on a crusade to find the son of the town Santa and convince him to play Santa. The actors who play Santa and the son do a great job, and the hijinks that all of the characters get into will make you LOL. Also, this movie includes Santa School which looks super fun!

5. Switched for Christmas (2017) – I’ve always loved stories involving twins ever since I was an avid Sweet Valley reader back in the day. I legit followed the Wakefield twins all the way from Sweet Valley Kids to Sweet Valley Confidential! Not to mention the previously mentioned love of Sister, Sister! Before I even watched this movie, I knew I’d love it because it involved twins. Throw in a story line where the twins switch places, and you’ve got me hook, line, and sinker! I love the mischievous mayhem of twin swaps! Bonus, the twins are played by Candace!

4. Christmas Comes Twice (2020) – Tamera is the star of this film about a magic carousel that takes her back in time to change the trajectory of her life. First of all, the idea of a Christmas carnival with a magic carousel is just fun. Time travel? That’s an even better story element! Combine the two, and you know it is going to be a good time!

3. Christmas Town (2019) – the last Candace movie on my list that I just rewatched/relistened to this evening! This is the sweetest story about a small town known for its hospitality and Christmas festival!!! It involves communities helping one another, foster care and adoption, and the most welcoming people! For all of you Sabrina the Teenage Witch fans, Beth Broderick plays a key supporting character in this one!

2. Christmas At the Plaza (2019) – This movie is set at the Plaza Hotel, and it involves a super charming story about a lady who is hired to dig into the hotel’s holiday history. The historical element is a lot of fun, and the historical Christmas ornaments are beautiful. However, what really makes this movie a must see is Ryan Paevey. In my opinion he is to Hallmark movies what many saw Rege-Jean Page being to Bridgerton. Before becoming a Hallmark regular, he was a model and soap opera actor.

1. A Timeless Christmas (2020) – Another Ryan Paevey movie! This is hands down my favorite Hallmark Christmas movie! It combines time travel, mystery, and romance! Plus the majority of the film is set in a historical mansion in which the employees reenact the past via living history tours. The early 1900s costumes are stunning, and the period decor is charming! These kinds of tours are something I’ve always enjoyed in real life, so turning one into a Christmas movie makes it even better!

So there you have it…my top Hallmark Christmas movies! What are your favorites?


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